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Project Description
LogNut is a comprehensive logging facility written in C#. It provides a simple way to write something from within your program, as it runs, that you can see.


LogNut is a logging facility created by James Hurst. It is for you to use within your code whenever you are composing in C#, F#, C++, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, or PowerShell.

It serves the (ideally) very simple purpose of providing a way, within your own code, of writing a piece of text somewhere where you can see it,
and thus know what is going on within your code.

LogNut is intended as an alternative to such as Log4Net or NLog that goes way beyond these two excellent libraries in what it enables you to do, although it is at this point there is much work yet to do.

The headline feature that makes LogNut stand apart is that it enables you to see your logging output, in realtime, on other computers or on your portable devices such as a Windows 7/8 Phone, iPhone, or Android-based smartphone.

Current Status

LogNut is at this moment undergoing some major improvements and a new release is imminent. The biggest change is that it now can (optionally) make use of Windows ETW to achieve a robust high-speed logging of your production application, with log records being recorded even if your program-under-test crashes before the log is written! The setup and incorporation of VMware vSphere and Workstation into the test-matrix has also consumed a lot of time, partly because it's so cool that it is tempting to rapidly expand to encompass more target platforms, but also because we want a trouble-free NuGet distribution model that just works. I anticipate the next release happening around Thanksgiving, and then in February will be the 1.0 release.


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Reflections on the Design of a Logger Library


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